Vegan Chocolate Mousse Demitasse

Chocolate mousse parfait in demitasse glass with blueberries on a painted plate

That’s right.

This Chocolate Friday I am not messing around. What you see above in the puffy cloud of goodness and everything that’s just in this world is Post Punk Kitchen’s* vegan chocolate mousse — topped with a layer of chopped salted pistachios and a raspberry.

What can I say about this parfait, other than that it is simply dreamy. The mousse is thick and rich and oh-so-chocolatey and makes me not care in the least that it uses soy — something I try to avoid outside of the two or three times a week I eat tofu or tempeh because I follow a mostly plant-based diet, and it’s easy to overdo soy. Mixed with the salty earthiness of the pistachios and sweet tang of raspberry, this is chocolate dessert at its finest.

The awesomesauce for the painted plate (because yes, I painted the plate) is left over from yesterday’s parfait. But don’t just depend on it for looks. You definitely wanna dip the mousse in that fruity tangy scrumptiousness. In fact, I plan to use this sauce every darn way possible until it’s gone because it rocks that hard.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and dig in.

*I modified the mousse recipe ever-so-slightly by adding two tablespoons of almond butter.




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