That’s Nacho Parfait

This introduction will be short and sweet because I just returned from another weekend away. So, pull up a chair and meet the papa and baby nacho parfaits.

Papa Bear

Nacho parfait, topped with tortilla chips

Papa bear, not so pretty.

I’m not so happy with its looks, but hubs said it was delicious. Layers include black beans, cheddar-style Daiya cheese (vegan), plum tomato, avocado, crushed tortilla chips, more beans, more Daiya cheese, and tomato. I will never make fresh salsa because it contains the evil weed cilantro. Don’t even suggest it.

Baby Bear

Small nacho parfait

Baby bear.

Now this is what I’m talking about. This smaller version of the parfait was for my six-year-old son, and not only is it much prettier, but he loved it. If you are vegetarian and have kids and want them to eat more beans, try this! It looks vibrant and colorful without looking too mixed together; it uses fresh, healthy ingredients; and it’s easy to assemble.

It includes a layer of black beans, cheddar cheese (which melts on top of the beans if you don’t use too much), plum tomato, avocado, and a tortilla chip for garnish. He used additional chips to scoop up the beans and cheese.

If I were going strictly on taste, I would have to admit they were both winners, but what do you think?


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