Make Your Own Felt Parfait

Felt strawberry parfait sundae

Time out for fun.

Today I found something special. A Japanese felt crafting kit for making a strawberry parfait sundae. And if you follow the link, you’ll find a video tutorial!

Now, regardless of whether you would actually be interested in making one of these, I do hope it inspires you to make something (anything) by hand. One day in the near future, I plan to write a whole post on the subject, but in the meantime, to partially explain my feelings on the matter, I quote Psychology Today‘s summary of a recent study:

Dr. Kelly Lambert . . . explored the relationship between hand use, current cultural habits, and mood.  She found that  hands-on work satisfies our primal need to make things and could also be an antidote for our cultural malaise. Too much time on technological devices and the fact that we buy almost all of what we need rather than having to make it has deprived us of processes that provide pleasure, meaning and pride.  Making things promotes psychological well-being. Process is important for happiness because when we make, repair or create things we feel vital and effective. It isn’t as much about reaching one’s potential as doing something interesting–less about ambition and more about living. When we are dissolved in a deeply absorbing task we lose self-consciousness and pass the time in a contented state.

So whether you intend to make an adorable felt parfait or a birthday card for your best friend or a robot that will take over the world someday, turn off your computer as soon as possible and get to it.




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